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Natural Dye

Colors by Nature

The colors that nature gives us continue to amaze us day in and day out. There are endless possibilities to discover and we are never done learning. Vegetable coloring brings so many benefits, it is better for the environment, it gives us beautiful colors and brings surprises and challenges. It is an age-old technique that still produces beautiful results today.


About Our Leather


The natural products we use for coloring include plants, flowers, nuts and herbs. Using waste materials such as coffee grounds and onion peels feels very special. Coloring with vegetable materials is a beautiful and patient process, it sometimes takes hours of soaking, boiling or steaming. Sometimes even weeks if we apply a cold technique. The result, the color palette that is close to nature!


Unique and Authentic

All silk ribbons and table runners are custom made and colored by hand, each piece is different and may have imperfections. This makes each piece authentic and unique.

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